Experience and Case Highlights


Experience and Case Highlights

General & Premises Liability

Over 60 cases working for both plaintiffs and defendants on general liability matters including premises liability, employee injury, injuries resulting from crimes committed against customers and advertising injury claims including:

  • Defense verdict for an insurance company client in premises liability case Involving a worker’s injuries in Jackson MS, a very plaintiff oriented venue
  • Multi-million dollar verdict for plaintiff client against the City of Chicago in a case involving improper street maintenance
  • Settlement for millions of dollars less than original plaintiff demand for insurance client due to confidence and consensus developed as a result of the jury research exercise
  • Multi-million dollar verdict for plaintiff client involving concussion syndrome in a workplace accident

Trucking & Vehicle Accident Cases

Over 70 cases working for both plaintiffs and defendants on cases resulting from vehicle accident matters including:

  • A defense verdict for an insurance company client in a case involving severe injuries to a family involved in a collision with a semi-truck
  • A multi-million dollar verdict for a plaintiff client involved in an automobile accident
  • A defense verdict for an insurance company client defending a “joint venture” agency argument in a case where the plaintiff achieved a more than $90M verdict against other defendants

Professional Negligence

Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Accounting Fraud

  • Over 130 cases representing hospitals and medical professionals
  • Over 30 legal malpractice cases involving claims of conflict of interest, professional negligence and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Defense verdict in a malpractice involving birth injuries at a large hospital system against a plaintiff lawyer who had recently obtained two $10M+ verdicts against the same hospital group in similar cases
  • Defense verdict for a law firm and lawyer accused of legal malpractice and conflict of interest
  • Defense verdicts for doctors in two different birth injury cases in the past two years


White Collar, Death Penalty, Health Care Fraud, Political Corruption

  • Assisted the Northwestern University Innocence Project in a matter involving felony murder charges
  • Death penalty cases, including several using the “Colorado Method” in voir dire to select juries that awarded “life” after finding the defendants guilty of capital crimes
  • Drug company executives and employees found not guilty of Medicare fraud and collecting illegal kickbacks
  • Health insurance executives found not guilty of all Medicare fraud charges
  • Consulted for defendants in high profile Chicago political corruption cases

Commercial & Business

Breach of Contract, Financial Fraud, Shareholder Suits, Class Action, RICO

  • First zero dollar verdict for a defendant in a class action in the history of a southern Illinois county in a class action by policy holders against a national automobile insurance company
  • $505M verdict for client in a breach of licensing agreement
  • Verdict against extremist hate group in pro bono RICO case which forced defendants to declare bankruptcy and disband
  • Verdict for a former partner in a large plaintiff firm for the firm’s violations of his partner agreement for over $5 million


Racial Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, FMLA

  • Over 75 cases involving claims of racial and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, pregnancy, AIDS and “reverse” discrimination
  • Class action defense verdicts for a large municipality in cases involving claims of “reverse” discrimination in hiring and promotion in police and fire departments
  • Hung jury in favor of the defense against a prominent, nationally renowned attorney representing the plaintiff in a racial discrimination case
  • Plaintiff verdict for teenage employees claiming false imprisonment related to interrogations by a large retail chain

Intellectual Property

Patents/Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Licensing Agreements

  • $60M+ verdict and injunction against further use for a national telecommunications client
  • $20M verdict for a small medical device manufacturer
  • $65M verdict for back royalties and running royalty for a drug company
  • Invalidation of a patent against a small company on behalf of a large computer hardware producer
  • Limiting damages for the defendant client to $2M where the judge ruled there was infringement and the plaintiff refused a much larger settlement offer

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