Focus Groups


Focus group research exercise

A focus group research exercise is similar to a traditional mock trial, but it removes the potential for presenter bias. Like a mock trial, a focus group research exercise will identify the strengths and weaknesses in a case, but it does so by utilizing carefully drafted argumentative presentations which are read to the surrogate jurors by a single neutral presenter. This ensures that all the pertinent information is conveyed to the surrogate jurors in a concise and timely manner. Like the mock trial research exercise, a focus group research exercise generally requires a minimum of 24 surrogate jurors.


  • Removes the potential for presenter bias
  • Useful when there are limited attorney resources as the initial presentations are drafted and generally read to the surrogate jurors by Zehner Trial Consulting staff
  • Allows the legal team to observe the entire exercise to absorb the most information
  • Ensures the relevant information is presented in a concise and timely manner


  • Less representative of an actual jury trial
  • While it allows for attorneys to prepare for the exercise, they lose the opportunity to get comfortable with and practice their actual arguments in front of a live audience