Jury Selection


Jury selection services

Zehner Trial Consulting staff understands that the jury selection process is really a case of jury deselection. Identifying jurors with negative preconceived beliefs is critical to seating the right jury. Juror profiles, written questionnaires and carefully crafted voir dire questions are an important aspect of this process. Zehner Trial Consulting staff will help your trial team develop and analyze these important tools. However, nothing can substitute for gut instinct developed over nearly 20 years focusing solely on jurors and their behavior. Zehner Trial Consulting staff has conducted jury research exercises on over 800 different matters in venues in nearly every state. This means Zehner Trial Consulting staff has observed over 1600 different juries and over 20,000 jurors deliberate. In addition, Zehner Trial Consulting staff has assisted clients with selecting a jury on over 120 cases and counting. Zehner Trial Consulting’s experienced staff will assist the legal team in the jury selection process to ensure the most harmful potential jurors are eliminated while the most favorable jurors possible are selected.