Mock Trials


Mock trial research exercises

A mock trial research exercise is an excellent tool for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in your case, generally when a trial is imminent. It provides an in-depth analysis of the surrogate jurors’ attitudes and inclinations in the matter and the best way to convey the right message at trial as well as a juror profile and suggested voir dire questions. The mock trial exercise is the traditional form of jury research, using attorneys to present arguments for the various parties in the matter. This type of exercise generally involves a minimum of 24 surrogate jurors.


  • Allows attorneys to make impassioned arguments on behalf of their client
  • Provides attorneys the opportunity to “practice” their arguments and style before the actual trial
  • Creates an environment that more closely resembles an actual trial


  • Research may be falsely influenced by the quality and style of attorney presenters
  • Requires more attorney time, both before the research exercise and during the exercise itself
  • Time constraints for the various presentations can be difficult to manage with attorney presenters and can result in decreased deliberation time