Dave discusses the Jussie Smollett trial as the jury deliberates

Dave discusses Jussie Smollett's testimony and whether his acting skills might influence jurors.

Dave weighs in on Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Jury Selection

Dave discusses the jury selection process in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Fox 32 Chicago.

Dave analyzes Derek Chauvin jury decision on Fox 32 Chicago

Dave discusses the jury's decision to find Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges after roughly ten hours of deliberation on Fox 32 Chicago.

Dave share deliberation room details in Derek Chauvin trial on Fox 32 Chicago

Dave talks about what went on behind closed doors as jurors deliberated in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer found guilty in the death of George Floyd.

WGN Radio - How the OJ Simpson Trial Changed the Legal System

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the historic events of the OJ Simpson trial. In light of the anniversary, WGN Radio’s Karen Conti talks with the founder of Zehner Trial Consulting, David Zehner. David discusses the OJ Simpson case, how it changed the legal system and how we approach jury systems.

WGN Radio - Derek Chauvin Jury Selection

One of the most widely discussed cases currently is the criminal case involving the death of George Floyd and the actions of the police officer involved, Derek Chauvin. Dave Zehner was a guest on WGN's radio show, the Karen Conti Show, where he discussed the Derek Chauvin jury selection.

Dave on Fox 32 Chicago to Discuss R Kelly's Explosive CBS Interview

Dave discusses R Kelly's explosive CBS interview on Fox 32's Good Day Chicago. Learn what impact Dave thinks R Kelly's interview will have on jury selection and the trial.

Picking a Jury for the Van Dyke Trial (Fox News Chicago)

Dave Zehner, Partner at Zehner Trial Consulting, discusses jury selection for the trial of Chicago police office Jason Van Dyke with Fox 32 Chicago.

WGN Radio's John Williams Interviews Dave

Jury Consultant and Partner at Zehner Trial Consulting Dave Zehner tells John how much impact demographic has on the verdict of the Jason Van Dyke trial. Listeners ask why John even wants to know.

Alex Trebek Calls Dave "Evil"

Dave Zehner, Partner at Zehner Trial Consulting, was a contestant on Jeopardy! During the contestant interview, Alex Trebek asked Dave what it was like being a jury consultant as many people view them as "evil". Watch Dave Zehner's response to this questioning by Alex Trebek.

Attorney Fees Mock Trial

Video clip of a jury research exercise showing how jurors easily escalate damages, especially when attorney fees are considered. The deliberations were based upon a fictitious case that involved a general liability matter.

Jury Research Exercise

Video clips of a jury research exercise designed to elicit the opinions and inclinations of surrogate jurors in regards to the Affordable Care Act. The deliberations were based upon a fictitious case that involved ACA evidence.

NBC5 News

Dave Zehner, partner at Zehner Trial Consulting, is interviewed about the Casey Anthony verdict.

The Talk

Dave Zehner, Partner at Zehner Trial Consulting, discusses the Casey Anthony verdict on The Talk with Marion Brooks. Dave breaks down the sentencing, the public reaction and what may have been going through the juror's minds in their decision-making process.

Weekends with Whitney

Dave Zehner, partner at Zehner Trial Consulting, explains the decision -making process of jurors in criminal cases on Weekends With Whitney.

WGN Radio

Legally Speaking with Karen Conti-Dave Zehner discusses current issues related to trial consulting, including the upcoming jury verdict in the case involving a bus shelter severely injuring a bystander, which ultimately resulted in a $148 million verdict against the city.